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The Town

This film represents the foundation of Ben Affleck’s career. Although you can never top a movie like ‘Good Will Hunting’ Affleck regained his muse by writing and directing ‘The Town’ which portrays a troubled ‘youth’ (lets just say bennie isn’t getting any younger) caught up in a bad scene trying to find his way out. The movie is set in Charlestown, Boston and tells the story of four guys who’ve inherited a family bank robbing business. Things get interesting when Doug MacRay (Affleck) falls in love with a hostage from the bank and decides that its time to get out of the business and lifestyle he’s grown up with. The film demonstrates an individual’s struggles and restraints living in a destitute and corrupt neighborhood with the pressure and loyalty of a community. Overall, this movie is amazingly written, casted and directed. Its an action-packed drama, what more could you ask for?